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Shhh… this is the secret of my non-straw hair

Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing treatment, £28

My hairdresser paid me a compliment the other day. It was a bit back-handed because it started with “For a woman of your age…” but he was very impressed by the condition of my hair.
This is no small matter when you have LOTS of highlights (as I do). All that bleach has the potential to leave my hair feeling – and, worse, looking – like something cows munch in winter and that features prominently in paintings by John Constable, i.e. straw.

I attribute the astonishingly good condition of my heavily highlighted hair to the Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment that I have been using weekly for the past couple of years. It has a heavy scent, reminiscent of coconut, vanilla and even hints of chocolate, and is entirely plant-derived from somewhere exotic in South America.

It is entirely non-messy to use: you just rub a little between your palms and then smooth it into the hair a few hours, or overnight, before shampooing. Then, hey presto, smooth, marvellous condition hair. It isn’t cheap – £28 for a 250ml tube. But you need only a peanut-size blob to smooth through quite long hair, so it lasts for ages.

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Well done, Princess Beatrice you showed grace under fire

Whatever we may have said about poor Princess Beatrice’s fashion judgement in choosing that hat for the Royal Wedding, she has now demonstrated immense grace under fire, along with magnanimity, maturity and generosity by selling the hat on eBay, raising a vast sum for charity.

She could have sulked about it – she was perfectly entitled to do so. Bloggers and fashion pundits – SoSensational included – gave her an incrdibly hard time for choosing that frightful Philip Treacy hat, variously described as resembling a spacecraft or some vast insect. (We, at least, were reluctant to be horrid to the two young princesses, focusing our criticism on the absence of a stylish adult around to give them guidance.)

Instead of sulking, she made this fabulous gesture, netting more than £81,000 for children’s charity Unicef.

So congratulations Princess Beatrice for turning a fashion disaster into a triumph of your good nature.

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This week it’s a Dress Monday

It’s a dress day for Cyndy and I this Monday. However much fashion designers and pundits are trying to wean us off dresses and back to separates, a dress is just so EASY. If it works, it works; there’s no wondering about proportion or matching top half to bottom half.

I am wearing a Jaeger dress in black and blue silk. I bought it last season, but it has proved the most useful dress ever and has come out for boardroom lunches, my QVC audition, our Dragon’s Den appearance and – literally – dozens of other events. It works alone, under a jacket or under a Chanel-style cardi. The black suede shoe-boots are from Office, the black bangle is from the Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop, and the necklace is from H&M.

Cyndy is rocking a fabulous dress in gold slub linen with cross-over bodice, by Apanage. Those stunning platform sandals are from Zara and the statement glass beads are by Antica Murrina of Venice, but bought in Melbourne by her lovely husband as a gift.

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Did I fluff my big break on TV?

I had an audition yesterday.

As a journalist and website director, that is not something I ever expected to say. But an utterly wonderful PR whom I have known for years asked me if I would be the brand ambassador for the fabulous London watch brand Kettle & Kotch when they are sold in July on QVC, the shopping network.

Before I am allowed to sit with a professional presenter and talk, in depth, about the watches, live, on air for 10 minutes, I needed to be auditioned.

Doing live TV and radio is not a new experience for me; I have done news programmes, current affairs and discussion programmes and regularly review the newspapers for Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show on LBC. So doing a live broadcast wasn’t daunting.

Having to talk about this great watch for 10 minutes wasn’t quite as simple as it might have seemed when I was watching QVC at the weekend. There is a special talent to talking in such detail that you can fluently and easily fill 10 minutes discussing fabric, design, style, comfort, fashionability of a WATCH. How much can a girl say about a watch before running out of things to say.

I didn’t pass. But I didn’t fail either. I’m probably going back for another try-out. In the meantime, I am planning to make a serious in-depth study of the Kettle & Kotch “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” watch styles. I’m just going to hang a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign round my neck for the next month…

Tell us if you have you done something challenging recently.

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We know you couldn’t wait for us to resume What We Wear on Monday (only joking!)

With no What We Wear on Monday for more than a month, we just want to reassure you that Cyndy and I have, indeed, been wearing clothes. But it has simply been too difficult to write the blog with Cyndy in Australia and me in London.

As you might imagine, with a nine-hour time difference between the UK and Melbourne, Cyndy was almost at the end of her day when I was starting mine. In other words, as I was embarking on my Monday, Cyndy was almost on Tuesday, and we felt that What We Wear Monday and Tuesday When One of Us Is In Melbourne and One In London seemed a bit of an unwieldy blog title…

So, now we are both back on the same day (and in the same city), I am wearing a grey silk dress with flower print by Noli, with a black zip-trim jacket by Jaeger and suede wedge cage sandals by Kurt Geiger. With all that print, I decided on the Coco Chanel approach (take something off), so no jewellery – though I did plan to wear my Perspex-and-gold leaf Laurent Guillot ring but just forgot to put it on. Don’t you hate that!

Cyndy is wearing a cream silk satin knot blouse from LK Bennett, with a new leather pencil skirt from Pure, which she bought just last week (at the reduced price of £160 – down from £199) and already adores. Take a look at her skirt now . She is wearing mock croc leather boots, also from LK Bennett, and earrings from a vintage range at Topshop.

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My spring wardrobe is a worse match than Katie Price and her husbands

Hoping for unrelenting sunshine

I have a confession to make. I have made a total hash of my spring and summer purchases. I have impulse-bought, fallen in love with the odd piece, bought without knowing whether pieces are really needed and I am now – mid-May – floundering around for something to wear, while my wardrobe has more orphans than a Charles Dickens novel.

How appallingly unprofessional of a fashion pro to delve into her wardrobe and find the contents are about as well-matched as Katie Price and her husbands.  

To quote the Abba song, “How could I resist ya”? There was the divine, buttersoft cropped leather jacket in palest cream, by Graham & Spencer that just called to me from the rail and looked divine on. But now, to make it earn its keep, I have to buy a skirt and possibly a top, or maybe a dress to go under  it.

There was that achingly cool Mimos  batwing dress with the skull print which will be fine provided the weather is unremittingly warm and it doesn’t need anything on top of it, because I don’t own a jacket or cardigan that goes over such a weird shape.  But this is Britain, so how likely is it that I WON’T need to wear something on top?

Then there were the random tops – the stripey one, the fuchsia one and a black one – all of which are a bit meh… they don’t really ramp up the glamour on anything I own, so they need a fabulous skirt or a great jacket. What am I talking about – I need SEVERAL fabulous skirts or dresses, which is uneconomic and impractical and, frankly stupid, throwing good money after bad.

So my quest is to find the single piece – a jacket, perhaps –  that will magically make all the disparate pieces work… Yup, I know, impossible, but I am starting the hunt on SoSensational… I’ll let you know how it goes

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