It’s official – you can be sexy at 60

In my earlier blog, I may have been a bit hard on the Daily Mail over its coverage of Sandi Firth, the Leeds woman whose son put her up for sale on eBay because she couldn’t find a man who matched up to her requirements. Rereading Cosmo Landesman’s report of his blind date with Sandi, he described her as sexy: “As Sandi walks into the restaurant in North London where we have arranged our date, she looks good. In fact, she looks sexy… there, I’ve said it. Nice hair. Good figure. Lovely big brown eyes and, as I learn later, a wonderfully big heart.”
If Landesman’s take on the date is probably different from that of the Daily Mail sub-editors, who all had a fit of grannyitis producing horribly ageist headlines and captions, it is probably because he is 55 and most of them are 12. But, nevertheless, it’s official – the Daily Mail said so: you can be sexy and 60, and you don’t have to be called Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour, Helen Mirren or Twiggy to qualify…

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