Can we do short skirts?

The debate, ladies, is not going to be avoidable for much longer (did you see Hilary Rose in The #Times /saturday magazine): with winter collections full of above-the-knee pencil skirts, as part of the “tailoring” propensity, the issue is going to be hard to evade in a month or so when the new collections start coming into the shops. Too short is clearly not good, but what will constitute “too short” and will heavy opaque tights and flat shoes solve the potential “mutton” issues. What are you thinking…

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One Response to Can we do short skirts?

  1. Hilda Silver says:

    I think the following points could be considered regarding Autumn skirt lengths –
    Have you got well shaped legs – I guess that is a matter of opinion
    Should it be just above the knee or on the knee?
    Personally flat shoes do not suit me so I would go for a higher heel or boot.
    Our fashion Gurus – namely Cyndy and Jan – will keep us advised about what the trends are.
    At the end of the day it is then up to the individual to wear what you feel comfortable in and makes you feel good.

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