We have a campaign to make brands put skirt lengths on labels…

Fed up with buying a dress online and then finding that a garment that looked as if it would be nicely knee length is half way up your thigh? Yup, us, too. It is almost impossible to judge from a picture on a website whether a dress or skirt is going to be the right length. If it is a model shot, maybe the model is very tall (you think to yourself) and it will, therefore be perfect on me. And if the picture is a still-life shot of a garment, it is even more difficult to judge. So you order it, keep your fingers crossed and are profoundly disappointed when it turns up and is too short. The men don’t have that trouble. Have you ever seen a pair of man’s trousers without the inside leg measurement on the label. Of course not; men wouldn’t stand for it. But dozens of designers, brands and labels who sell to women online fail to provide the measurement for skirts or dresses. 60&Sensational has launched its lengthWISE campaign to encourage brands and designers to provide details of skirt and dress lengths to make it easier to buy online. Whatever age you are, join the lengthWISE Campaign on facebook now or via the home page on the website…

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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