Good morning, London: Jan reviews the papers on LBC

The lovely Nick #Ferrari of #LBC invited me to review the papers on his brilliant breakfast show today. Apart from getting up before the sparrows, it is always a great experience. Nick is a total professional, and I get the chance to look at all the dailies. One of the topics we touched on was Selina Scott, and her report to the BBC Trust about alleged ageism at the BBC. I quoted #EleanorMills from the Sunday Times, who said – basically – if you live by your looks, you die by your looks, and the smart women stay in their jobs. Bit embarrassed to have missed Nick’s column in the #Sunday Express in which he said, more or less, the same thing. He also, very generously, gave a huge plug to our Lengthwise campaign to urge brands to put the length of skirts and dresses on labels. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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