Middle-aged at 31. So what are the baby-boomers?

Ooh, breathless and horrified! I have just received a press release referencing the QVC survey, widely reported earlier this week, which found that women were “at their most beautiful at the age of 31”. So far, so anodyne. It is the subject line in today’s press release from #SpaPR (yes, named and shamed, Spa), and a couple of phrases from the communication which left me gasping and gobsmacked. “Middle-Aged Magnificence” was the subject line of their email press release – now I know that it is nicely alliterative, and I suspect that if you are 22 and in your first PR job, 31 seems middle-aged, but to the rest of the world, puhleese. The other offending, albeit more mildly offending, phrases, include “more mature beauty” and a reference to the fact that 50 percent of women said that they “felt more beautiful as they grew older”. Ok, we know 31 isn’t in the teens, but “more mature”, “older” (and, yes, I know 31 is, in purely relative terms, “older” than 21, or even 28, but if we are all (horrible diseases, fire, flood or runaway buses, apart) likely to live into our 90s or even 100s, phrases like “more mature” and “older”, are going to have to be reserved for the 60-plus, at least…

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