Sorry #LisaArmstrong, you got it wrong this time

I’m a huge fan of #TheTimes fashion editor #LisaArmstrong, and usually love her copy and agree with her views. But her piece rubbishing Lynne Featherstone’s suggestion that airbrushing should be outlawed, or at least should carry a warning, was way off the mark. I have no problem with airbrushing of flaws – wrinkles, spots, freckles, sunspots, whatever, if it makes the models or even the real people look better and more flawless, I really don’t mind. I don’t think those are the things that make young women with perfectly normal bodies feel like bloated whales. What Ms Featherstone – and I – object to, are the images of etiolated models, already with the body mass index of a moth, made to look even thinner by digital trickery. Yes, Lisa, many women (and most people in our industry) look at the images and realise the images have been retouched, but 16-year-olds, with a tiny bump in their thighs, or the hint of a muffin-top, often do not. And may very well starve themselves half to death trying to achieve the body that is impossible to achieve. If you are a young girl, full of insecurities and lacking confidence, you may not be able to distinguish between reality and digital enhancement; it could be fatal. The minister is right to try to draw a line between what is simple improvement and what is potentially a path to anorexia.

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