OMG, what has #GoodHousekeeping done to #JoannaLUmley

I realise we are being a bit obsessive about airbrushing, and its digital equivalent, but I have to return to the subject for one last time (at least for this month – I can’t promise I won’t return to it another time). Currently, I am wiping away tears of laughter having just seen the  cover image of #JoannaLumley on the latest edition of #GoodHousekeeping. Or a female purporting to be #JoannaLumley.

I am a huge fan of La #Lumley – she looks fabulous, she is by turns sexy and coquettish, unapologetic about her age, stunningly articulate, endlessly courteous, politically astute, wondrously intelligent, and a very good actress to boot.
But in the ludicrously over-airbrushed cover shot of her on #GH wearing something hideous and pleated in pink, she is not only unrecognisable, but the shot makes her look like Barbie’s mummy, or possibly a cross between #JuneWhitfield and #BarbaraCartland’s younger sister. She was so unrecognisable, in fact, that I only realised it was supposed to be #JoannaLumley after seeing a cover line referring to her. I then had to take out my glasses and peer hard at the picture to realise this plastic faced woman is, indeed, the lovely Lumley.
#GoodHousekeeping is a magazine for “older” women. It should have the courage of its convictions and not remove all the evidence of age via airbrushing.

By all means, do a bit of subtle work with #Photoshop (the magic software used for this digital trickery), but by airbrushing away all of her so-called “imperfections” – the flaws, fine lines, age-spots and expression lines – they have transformed a sensational 60something into a bland, blank blonde, sans character, sans sexiness and sans that wit and intelligence that are always present in her animated, expressive face and which add, immeasurably, to her attractiveness.

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