Clever Maureen Lipman, such a little handbag…

I was very flattered to be asked, alongside #MaureenLipman and #Tracy-AnnOberman, to confess to the world about the contents of my handbag for an article in the magazine of #Chai, a cancer-care charity.
In my handbag, I revealed, I carry the detritus of my busy life – effectively an office-and-dressing-room-on-the-go: #Blackberry, overflowing #Mulberry wallet, mini umbrella, pens, business cards, notebook, lipstick, lipgloss, blusher, hairbrush, #Oystercard, tightly folded pashmina, plus a hairslide belonging to my almost-three-year-old granddaughter and a small toy car, the property of my almost-two-year-old grandson.
The lovely and very clever #MaureenLipman, it emerges, carries almost nothing in her very small, very flat handbag – mobile phone, small wallet and a note of where she has to be compiled by her PA. #TracyAnn, too, reveals that, until the advent of young children, she invariably carried a tiny bag containing, give or take, a credit card and a lipgloss.
How do these women manage it? I consider myself pretty well organized, but, to the serious detriment of my shoulder and back muscles, I have carried an oversized, overstuffed handbag forever – certainly well before  I had my own daughters, now adults and yummy mummies themselves.
If you have the secret to streamlined minimalism in your handbag life, please let me in on it…

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