Coleen and I – clever handbagistas

I didn’t expect to see the words, “Coleen and I” – that’s Mrs Rooney (for now, anyway) in the same sentence. But in the paparazzi shots of her over the weekend, she was snapped with a typical WAG handbag hooked over her arm. It was a big, #Birkin-style metallic baby in dark gold. Most women seeing the bag would have drooled gently and thought “another extortionately expensive piece of leather…” However, I knew better. I have the same bag and it cost 12 quid. Yes £12 from Tesco, from their clever F&F range. And this is a big confession from me – I may not be a football WAG, but I do like my designer handbags. When it isn’t in use, my little F&F bag sits beside bags by a slew of designers (including #Smythson and #Bottega Veneta) as well as more sensible purchases from #Jigsaw and #LK Bennett. Reluctant as I am to out her publicly, my lovely friend, the genius PR #KarenBerman of – among other brands – BellaPierre – has one. I imagine she gets the same wide-eyed “love your bag” reaction I get, followed by total disbelief when I fess up that it isn’t a designer number. And don’t we think how clever we are to have unearthed this little number…

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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