Join the buzz, we are the zeitgeist

As our website proves, the baby boomer generation is not yet ready to settle for a hot cup of cocoa and elastic-waist polyester.

Cyndy and Jan know it (which is why they launched 60&Sensational), and gradually the rest of the world is realising it, too: that there are women like #Twiggy, #AnnaWintour, #Lulu, #SandieShaw, #LindaBellingham… the list really does go on, who are just the most visible members of a generation that refuses to become invisible when they hit 60. And now the retailers are grasping how important the baby boomer generation is, too.
Debenhams has launched Style List, which is aimed squarely at the 50-plus generation (you’ll find plenty from Debenhams on 60&Sensational), and now fab high street brand Mango is available through our site. And Mango isn’t the first high street retailer, traditionally aimed at a young market, to realise that older women want fabulous clothing – they just don’t especially want abbreviated hemlines, plunging necklines and Lycra. A whole slew of other traditionally “young” labels are available through 60&Sensational, too. Look out for #Oasis, #French Connection, #Karen Millen, #All Saints, #Ted Baker… as before, the list goes on. We are proud to be leading the pack. Join our site and join the buzz today…

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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One Response to Join the buzz, we are the zeitgeist

  1. Judith MacBeth says:

    After reading your comments re Anne Widdecombe’s dresses – what about Tess Daly (her dress last week was an abomination of feathers atop scrawny legs ridiculously spindly heels that made her look utterly stupid. As for Carol Vorderman – what on earth possessed her to wear such an inappropriate dress for honouring heroes – it was an insult to them in my opinion. I’m glad I was only persuaded to watch the 2nd half, as that heaving glitter-spritzed bosom was just the bitter end!

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