Were #Twiggy or #Myleene or #Erin or #Dannii consulted on those hideous Christmas bags

I did a quick swoop on #Marks & Spencer’s #Pantheon store in Oxford Street this morning, in search of some gifts. Having found what I was looking for, I went to pay. Then came the shock – not the price, but the carrier bag they were about to put my purchases in! A pillar-box red bag festooned with green antlers and Christmas baubles. Wait just a moment, Mr #MarkBolland: if you think I am about to walk around London’s West End visiting a series of press open days (it’s press open day season: I’m invited, I go) clutching such a thing, you are sadly mistaken. I was very polite to the assistant – poor woman, it’s not her fault the management have chosen such a tacky, vulgar and truly horrible design for their Christmas shopping bag, but there were no circumstances in which I was going to be seen with it. It was early, the store was quiet; the lovely girl found me a nice, normal M&S bag in their trademark loden green, and I was happy. But, oh dear #M&S management, what were you thinking when you decided this was your Christmas shopping bag – who do you envisage as your customer? And did it occur to you for one moment that your typical customer, the one attracted by your mega-expensive ad campaigns fronted by Twiggy, Erin, Dannii and Myleene, would like to walk around clutching such an object? Thought not… Put a discreet sprig of holly on your loden bags, or better still, offer customers the option of a normal bag or a Xmas one, or you may just find customers resisting making purchases because of the vile bags they have to carry them away in…

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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