Felicity Kendal, Pamela Stevenson and Ann Widdecombe, doing it for their sisters

We absolutely love the fact that three, yup, three of the contestants in #Strictly Come Dancing are women from the baby boomer generation.
#Felicity Kendal, #Pamela Stevenson and #Ann Widdecombe are demonstrating the sass, energy and determination of our generation to remain vital and visible. As we say on the website, we are hitting our 60s and deciding we are not prepared to sink into a life of elasticated waistbands and a nice cup of cocoa. We want to be out there, doing the paso doble or the tango, looking fabulous and full of energy.
We are loving all three of these women – the hard part is knowing which one we want to win!
By the way, we also saw Pamela Stevenson, aka Mrs Billy Connolly, on Graham Norton recently looking fabulous in a slinky (and it must be said slightly too short) black dress, flirting with #The Apprentice’s #Lord Sugar and comedian Lee Mack. We are not quite sure whether or not Stevenson has had a little “work” done, but if she has, it is so subtle and low-key that she looks fresher and younger rather than strange – how so many celebs look after too many procedures, or the wrong ones.

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