Congratulations and Carole Middleton, here is our fashion advice

The biggest mistake #Carole Middleton could make when choosing an outfit – or, more likely, oufits, as there will be many components to her daughter #Kate’s wedding to #Prince William – would be to try too hard.
She is a woman who seems to have evolved an effortless, elegant, low-key style, wearing brands like #Jaeger London which takes trends and make them wearable for women who want to demonstrate their fashion savvy but do not want to look as though they have borrowed their daughter’s clothes. She should stick with that formula.
Although Carole is not 60, she faces the same issues in striking a balance between what is fashionable and what is appropriate, as all women over a certain age who come to 60&Sensational’s website.
But she has a good foundation for looking fabulous – a good haircut with movement (there’s nothing so ageing as helmet hair), great make-up that flatters but doesn’t distract. Most important, like French and Italian women, but less usually British ones, she seems comfortable in her skin and very at ease with fashion.
If she is prepared to buy non-British, she would wear #Lanvin and #Oscar de la Renta well. If she plans to stay with British brands, she should look at #Anna Valentine, #Osman Yousefzada or #Lorcan Mullany for #Bellville Sassoon.

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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