Yes, it’s our new blog back again with what we’re wearing on Monday

If you missed our first post, this is our new blog where we tell you what we’re wearing on a Monday in response to the thousands (ok, handful) of enquiries about what we are wearing. It’s an admin day – lots of work to do on the website, reviewing the new merchandise on all our galleries and ensuring our latest newsletter goes out to all our lovely site users (if you haven’t signed up, you can do so via our home page). That means Cyndy and I are both fairly low-key and casual today, as well as trying to keep out the cold – the temperature outside is a freezing minus-2 degrees.  We’d love to know your issues for Monday dressing – just hit ‘comment’ and let us know.
V-neck merino wool sweater,# Uniqlo; jeggings from #Topshop; military boots from #Zara; earrings, from #John

Lewis vintage jewellery collection; double tan leather belt, vintage (originally from #Fenwick’s, Bond Street).

Grey cotton/Lycra vest, #Theory; charcoal shawl-collar cardi from #Topshop; skinny stretch jeans from #Zara; ankle boots from #Office; black bangle from #V&A Gift Shop; beaten silver pendant, #Rebeka Bat-Sara Kedem

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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One Response to Yes, it’s our new blog back again with what we’re wearing on Monday

  1. Judith MacBeth says:

    Fortunately I don’t really require a monday dress code – being as I work from home – actually Monday am’s are now baby-sitting am’s for Sophie our gorgeous 5 mth old granddaughter. My boss – a retired GP -now Medical Advisor for several large companies, has just had his hip tideied up so will be out of action until mid January so I have some time off to get organised for the festive season!
    Being an ex designer, I still love clothes & anything fashion-wise is dyed in the wool/blood so to speak. Generally speaking I think Cyndy & Jan definitely have an invisible sign about them which says ‘we work in the city’! Not a criticism – just a label!

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