Monday, Monday… We’re in smart mode for meetings

It’s that time of the week again, when Cyndy (left) and I (that’s me, below) reveal to the waiting world what we are wearing on a Monday. Today, we have meetings, so we are a little more formal and polished than we generally look when we just have admin roles. Our blog is going up later than usual, too, because we are experiencing an endless stream of technical issues.
Cyndy is wearing a camel wool blazer from #Uniqlo; navy, high-waist crop trousers,# Zara; navy suede shoe boots, #M&S; dark camel wool scarf, #Zara; gold “quilted” clip-on earrings, picked up at a #charity shop when she went to drop off some clothes for recycling. Cyndy absolutely adores her Uniqlo camel jacket. Unlined, and unstructured, it is a jersey-type fabric which she wears when she might wear a cardigan – but soooo much smarter and more chic.
Jan is wearing a colour she doesn’t normally wear, but loves this dark green wool crepe dress by #Goat (dubbed by #Grazia the LGD – Little Goat Dress); black shoe boots, #Dune; black opaques #M&S; black-and-white beads, #MaxMara; crystal vintage-style beads, #Mikey. Jan has “legwear” issues with this dress. “Black seemed too easy an option, and I hate the obvious, but every other colour opaques I considered wearing had a HUGE downside: green tights – I looked like a hedge; brown – a tree; red – Christmas tree; orange – joke outfit. Navy worked – and navy/green is a strong colour combination for spring/summer 2011 (especially at #Jaeger Boutique), but then I black shoes didn’t work so well with navy tights, so it was back to trusty old black!
Lots of fashion pages are advocating clear tights or (perish the thought in this weather)bare legs. Do tell us about your ‘legwear’ issues this winter. Are you daring to go bare?

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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