We’re ramping up the glamour this Monday

It’s What We’re Wearing on Monday – or WWWOM – time again, and this week there’s no loafing at the keyboard in trackie bottoms and little vest and cardi for Cyndy and I. it’s a smart Monday; we have a couple of meetings and then dinner this evening to chat about the website development, so we needed to ramp up the glamour a bit.
I am wearing a pale grey dress with Grecian draping and ribbon by a favourite designer #2Love Tony Cohen, worn with a black #boyfriend jacket with zips, by Jaeger Boutique, a pair of petit stilettos bought in Italy and a vintage cuff from Carpe Diem, a fabulous vintage shop in Venice.
Cyndy is wearing a gorgeous, shaped purple gathered dress in silk jersey by #LK Bennett, and dark green, peep-toe stilettos, also from LK Bennett, and those brilliant vintage earrings from last week.

If you follow our WWWOM blog, you will see I have a new haircut, with some layers and movement. The plan is that it will be easier to manage when I go to the gym or swim… I’ll let you know how it goes.

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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2 Responses to We’re ramping up the glamour this Monday

  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    Lovely! In my own case, I am wearing a delightfully cheesy blouse upon which my granddaughter has just puked, corduroy slacks that don’t stay up without regular tugging and thus the hole near the back left belt-loop, and scuffy slippers. But I have burst from retirement, proud to contribute to the well-being of my family with my new career as babysitter. Swoon with envy, dear hearts!

    • Congratulations on your new role as babysitter! And when you are puked upon, try reaching for the pack of baby wipes as they seem to work a treat getting stains out on all sorts of things (but please do a colour test first)! May you get hours of endless pleasure taking care of the baby.

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