A lesson from Jennifer Aniston on how not to redefine style courtesy of Shane Watson

I loved #Shane Watson’s feature on the #Update page of the #Sunday Times #Style magazine yesterday.
Her thesis is that we all have a natural #Erogenous Style Zone or #ESZ. Her “hook”, as we say in the trade, was #Jennifer Aniston’s truly worrying photo shoot for America’s #Allure magazine in which she wears “sexy” PJ’s and a Bardot-esque hairdo, and poses #Lolita-style with a teddy bear. She notes that we may not like our ESZ, observing that in #Aniston’s case she is doing all she can to repudiate her Friends years and her #Rachel hairstyle. But Watson maintains that we shouldn’t fight it. If we have found a look and it works, we should stick with it.
In defining ESZ, she may have defined a solution to the two, seemingly irreconcilable style dictates, of – on one hand – sticking with a style that suits you, and – on the other hand – never getting stuck in a style rut.
On #JNet radio last week, as a guest on #Livingston’s World, the lively, entertaining chat show hosted by the ludicrously underrated #Sharron Livingston, I was trying to explain the need to develop a personal fashion style, while at the same time expressing how sad it was that so many women get into a style rut when the hit 45 or 50. There is, as you will have spotted, an inherent paradox in the two. But if it is about finding our ESZ, perhaps that is easier to explain and easier to live with. You adapt the make-up, update the hair, buy the clothing that works with the genre as it changes season by season… no ruts, just a real sense of personal style.

So what’s your view on having a “look” – does it lead to a rut, or a stronger sense of personal style?

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One Response to A lesson from Jennifer Aniston on how not to redefine style courtesy of Shane Watson

  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    One woman’s rut is another’s personal style. I’m 56 and I’ve figured out what works best for me, but yeah, sometimes I think my adult kids would never dress as I do – but that’s cool. I’ve got different priorities, like comfort while still looking put-together. But only a dead person refuses to try new things from time to time – a bit of color, a different neckline. PS Aniston needs to make a big life-change. Move to another country, take up painting, whatever. The scene you describe is sad!

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