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Leather and leopard print is what we are wearing on Monday when we are not working together

Cyndy and I are actually not working together today, for the first Monday in months. I am off to my “other” job as a fashion editor at The JC, while Cyndy has to attend a meeting of the Federation of … Continue reading

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Our clever-clogs Closet Confidential saved my sanity

Last night a PDF saved my life (with apologies to Michael Cleveland). I was trying to sort out my wardrobe, deciding what I can carry on into spring, what I should be storing for next autumn and/or winter, and what … Continue reading

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I know it is uncool but I love London Fashion Week

I love London Fashion Week. I know it is deeply uncool to betray such enthusiasm, but I love the possibility of finding new and beautiful collections, and I love watching the other fashionistas to see what they are wearing. There … Continue reading

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WWOM for London Fashion Week and meeting advertisers

This particular Monday is the fourth day of London Fashion Week – though happily only my third day at the exhibition and shows. I finally worked out what to wear on each day of my attendance, and then had to … Continue reading

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Sorry, but The Times got it wrong. The eighties was the decade style forgot

In fashion journalism, as in everything, experience counts and sometimes the absence of experience (aka being young) can be a real disadvantage as it was in today’s Times T2 fashion pages. Let me say, first, that I love The Times … Continue reading

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Harpie not Barbie. These dolls look as if they are about to do a line of coke

Have you paid attention to what Barbie dolls look like lately? No, me neither, until yesterday. The adorable little Sadie, my three-year-old granddaughter, has several, and was playing with them when I visited. I concede that, even when my daughters … Continue reading

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On the Bafta Red Carpet, #Helena Bonham-Carter looked good DESPITE the dress

Don’t we just love the #Bafta’s and the #Oscars for demonstrating that, even with the best stylists, the biggest budgets and jewellers and cobblers clamouring to lend them goodies, there is still no guarantee that celebs will look fabulous on … Continue reading

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