Despite Twiggy and Helen Mirren, not everyone wants to own up to being 60, so we changed our name

A website by any other name would smell as sweet, as #Shakespeare didn’t say. You may have spotted by now that we have changed the name of our website to SoSensational (, in case you visited via another route).

When we launched 60&Sensational, literally hundreds of you emailed (a few even called) to say how much you loved the site, loved the concept, loved the clothes and accessories. (In fact the only thing you didn’t love were all the pictures of young models, so we addressed that issue by doing our own shoots to reflect our fabulous baby boomer site users.)

But it shouldn’t be news to anyone that there’s a bit of sensitivity about age among females over 40. The fact that women like #Twiggy, #Anna Wintour, #Helen Mirren are all 60-plus and still fabulous, makes many non-celebs feel good about being their age and happy to own up to it. But for all kinds of reasons, not everyone feels that way.

And Cyndy and I want you to love every aspect of our website. We certainly don’t want anyone to have negative feelings about logging on or buying from it. So we have a new name, SoSensational. We love our new name. Not only is it age-neutral, but it also embodies our view that women are sensational, even aged #over 45!

Also, we know from research and talking to people, that lots of women in their late 40s and 50s have the same issues with tracking down the fabulous clothes that they know are out there. They love the fact that we have found fabulous clothes from the up-scale places like #Browns, #Matches and #My Wardrobe, or from the big #High Street names, and have them all on one website, edited and showcased in one place. But because of the former name of our website, they were reluctant to buy from us.

So we have waved a magic wand and changed the name… happy shopping, and do let us know what you think.

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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One Response to Despite Twiggy and Helen Mirren, not everyone wants to own up to being 60, so we changed our name

  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    Aw, you caved! No, it makes sense, esp. since women 40 and up love your site (congrats!) So how to label that mid-age group?

    I’m having the same problem. My book, Dakota Blues, is about a woman who sleepwalks through her life and wakes up to discover she’s middle-aged. How to label that demographic? “Boomers” is too restrictive. “Middle-aged” not zingy. My blog says, for Smart Women of a Certain Age, but I think under 50s don’t even know what that means anymore.

    Back to the drawing board. Best wishes, ladies!

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