This Monday we are entering the #dragons den.

It’s WWOM time again, and today Cyndy and I are in deeply casual mode. We have a lot of work to do this morning on the final preparations for our presentation this evening at a #Dragons Den event in #Worthing, #Sussex, arranged by #Jack Symons’ #Ground Floor Ventures.
And when we have finished our preparations, we have to drive from North London to Worthing, a trip of around two hours, assuming there are no problems on the route and we don’t get lost. So, deeply casual seemed sensible.
I am wearing jersey leggings from #Zara, a nicely minimalist navy tunic from #Topshop, black platform courts by #Sergio Rossi, my favourite “fashion” ring – a Perspex number by #Paris-based jewellery designer #Laurent Guillot and big enough to double as a weapon – and a Perspex leopard print cuff from Greenwich market.
Cyndy is wearing an animal-print top from #River Island over a camisole from #Uniqlo, #jeggings from #Topshop, military boots from #Zara and fur boot cuffs from #Moore&Moore.
Later today, we will slip into make-an-impression mode. Cyndy, whose background is business, and who is an image consultant, has the occasion sussed. She is wearing the very sharp #French Connection dress she wore last week for our WWOM picture, with a scarf, TBC, but probably the #H&M leopard-print one from last week. I, however, am in agonies of indecision. You would assume that as a fashion journalist, I am utterly sanguine about what to wear for what. And for 99% of the time, that’s true; throw me an occasion and I invariably know what to wear and how to wear it. I may not look perfect, but I will always look appropriate. But ask me to “present” in front of a group of #Dragons Den investors and I am suddenly not sure whether I need to look “executive” or “fashion”. Phrases like “power dressing” rise, unbidden, and I am trying to drive them away, reminding myself they did #Joan Collins few favours. I am putting three dresses, a skirt and two jackets in my suitcase, plus tights, shoes and jewellery to go with all of them. If you ask nicely, I’ll tell you later in the week what I finally decided to wear.

About Cyndy and Jan

Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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2 Responses to This Monday we are entering the #dragons den.

  1. Good afternoon Ladies – I’m going to the Dragons Den meeting tonight too. re what to wear Jan – as I live in Worthing I can let you know that it is cold and windy here! thermal vest essential. looking at your blog and website – I’m certain you will both ‘blow everyone away’
    whatever you wear.
    All the best with your pitch.

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