Our clever-clogs Closet Confidential saved my sanity

Last night a PDF saved my life (with apologies to Michael Cleveland). I was trying to sort out my wardrobe, deciding what I can carry on into spring, what I should be storing for next autumn and/or winter, and what simply needed to go in the recycling sack. I was getting horribly confused, when I suddenly remembered the Closet Confidential PDF (downloadable document at http://bit.ly/e3AuAk) which we created a little while ago designed to help with wardrobe sorting and dilemmas.
By filling in the various sections, you can create an inventory of your existing wardrobe for the season. It will allow you to see clearly what you already own, what is capable of being brought up to date for the current season and what purchases are necessary to ensure existing pieces or outfits work for the new season.
A list of your clothing also helps to clarify what you should be buying to top up and fill those gaps rather than buying duplicates of what you already own (something we ALL do when faced with too many choices).
• For instance, by making a list of my skirts on the form, I was able to see that I did not actually need to buy any new ones. I just needed to think about what tops, blouses and jackets to buy to make them ALL work better for me for spring.

It is the way all professional image consultants work, and our Closet Confidential shows you how to do it for yourself. You can easily store the inventory on your PC or laptop, and update it for next autumn. You can also download a new one for each season.

And you can take your Closet Confidential inventory with you when you go shopping, and – before you buy YET ANOTHER black jacket – you can instantly see what colour jacket might work better. Or, if you do buy black, you can buy a new shape or silhouette.

Download Closet Confidential now and tell us how this helped save you time, money and your sanity.

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Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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One Response to Our clever-clogs Closet Confidential saved my sanity

  1. Hilda Silver says:

    Don’t worry Girls – when I am up for an OSCAR I’ll be asking So Sensational to help me choose my gown…

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