WWOM: How do Cate, Scarlett and Reece bare it on the red carpet?

Do you ever look at celebs on the Red Carpet, in winter and (British) summer, and wonder how the goosebumps don’t show in the images and how they strut their stuff for the cameras looking serene and untroubled by the freezing air. Apparently it was really cold in Los Angeles for the Oscars (and really cold in London for the BAFTAS), yet nothing deterred Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson, Reece Witherspoon and the rest, from baring pretty much all for the benefit of the paparazzi and autograph hunters. How do they do it?
Cyndy and I have a day of meetings today, and with temperatures again dipping to February levels, I am only making token efforts at spring dressing, and am VERY reluctant to give up the biker boots and the winter coat, let alone reveal a bit of bare shoulder.My outfit, by the way, is totally spring, despite being all black, and another perfect example of a fashion editor (that’s my day job) not following her own advice to get into colour.
I am wearing a black crepe tulip skirt from Jigsaw, with a black vest top from Uniqlo, and a Chanel-style black jacket, from Zara. The black petit stilettos are Prada and the chunky chain bracelet is from M&S.

Cyndy is being much more spring-like in her chosen clothes for this Monday: she is wearing an orange leather jacket, by Australian brand Sirocco, which was a brilliant bargain as it was bought on a shopping trip in Melbourne just before the Aussies brought in GST (their version of VAT). She describes it as “the number one item in my wardrobe, and the one garment I would rescue it in the event of a fire”.
The skirt is also Australian (are we detecting a theme, here), by HarryWho, also bought in Melbourne. The camisole is from Uniqlo, and the boots are LK Bennett. The Perspex earrings are again those by Laurent Guillot, the jewellery designer based in the Marais district.

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Co-founders of SoSensational, a website showing sensational clothes for sensational women
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