Embarrassing damage, solved at Coworth Park Spa and by homeopathic means

Minor damages have been sustained recently, much to my acute annoyance and embarrassment. Crumbly nails thanks to a “soak-off” of gel polish in an evil solution of warm acetone, and a severely bruised chin following a horrible fall when working out with my personal trainer at our local Esporta gym.
First the nails – ever since having an extended-wear manicure (I am not naming the product), which has to be removed by soaking your nails for 30 minutes in heated acetone, my nails have been constantly flaking off. As for the chin, it was truly horrible – a great big black and blue bruise that made me look as if I had 6 o’clock shadow (thank you everyone, for pointing that out!).
Why am I mentioning either – because cures were at hand (pardon the pun) which I am happy to share: during a sublime weekend at Coworth Park, the new Dorchester Collection hotel just outside Ascot, I had what they call a “Hands-on manicure” – no polish, just treatment, in their even more sublime spa. And, lo, my nails are fine again. They are growing, no flaking and no breaking and snagging the second they grow a centimetre or two.
And thanks to heavy doses of the homeopathic remedy Arnica – taken orally, and frequent applications of Arnica cream – plus a few days applying another homeopathic remedy, Hypercal, my chin, after just eight days, is bruise free.

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