It feels mean being horrid about Beatrice and Eugenie, but they really need help

It feels so mean taking pot-shots at Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie for the outfits they wore to the Royal Wedding – like shooting fish in a barrel. They are so young, so vulnerable and basically so sweet that the horrendous firestorm of fashion vitriol that has come their way for their choice of outfits and hats seems totally unfair.

I have to put my hands up and confess that I was an early critic, condemning their clothes on Friday morning within seconds of first seeing them. The outfits by Vivienne Westwood and Valentino WERE terrible – overdone, overfussy, too old, ill-fitting and unflattering for their body shape. And those hats were beyond a joke.

As has been observed, Beatrice’s hat was simply an abomination – a parody of a fascinator, as if the designer was playing a game to see how many types of trim could be piled on a single hat before someone shouted “the emperor has no clothes”, while Eugenie’s mushroom-colour hat looked like a cross between a scarab beetle on steroids and a small spacecraft.

You just wish fervently that some caring adult in their life would have had the good sense to take a look and say “noooooo”. But sadly both girls seem to have inherited their mother, the Duchess of York’s style DNA (which is, frankly, no style), and been allowed to go along to the designers to splash a great deal of cash while playing dress-up. I have seen girls clothed at Topshop or River Island on one-tenth of their budget, who looked 1,000 times better, because there was some underlying sense of what is age-appropriate and body-appropriate and either an innate sense of style, or someone who could guide them towards what made them look fabulous.

PLEASE someone get the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie a style adviser who can steer them away from these sartorial disasters before Prince Harry decides to walk up the aisle with Chelsy Davy.

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2 Responses to It feels mean being horrid about Beatrice and Eugenie, but they really need help

  1. Surely they can’t be allowed to take all the blame themselves. It’s not their fault if they were born with no fashion sense – but we can lay blame at the deisgners’ doors for creating those awful outfits and hats in the first place and for not advising the princesses not to wear them.

    They are not the first to think that buying a big designer name means that they will look great.

    BTW – they are the other way around, Beatrice has the crab on her head, and Eugenie the multihat.

    • Many thanks for your comments and BTW, you are absolutely correct in that we got the names of the Princesses the wrong way around. Thanks for spotting our inadvertent error. Do agree that the designers bear responsibility too for trying to dress the girls in very dubious outfits. Would those hats suit anyone, I wonder?

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