My spring wardrobe is a worse match than Katie Price and her husbands

Hoping for unrelenting sunshine

I have a confession to make. I have made a total hash of my spring and summer purchases. I have impulse-bought, fallen in love with the odd piece, bought without knowing whether pieces are really needed and I am now – mid-May – floundering around for something to wear, while my wardrobe has more orphans than a Charles Dickens novel.

How appallingly unprofessional of a fashion pro to delve into her wardrobe and find the contents are about as well-matched as Katie Price and her husbands.  

To quote the Abba song, “How could I resist ya”? There was the divine, buttersoft cropped leather jacket in palest cream, by Graham & Spencer that just called to me from the rail and looked divine on. But now, to make it earn its keep, I have to buy a skirt and possibly a top, or maybe a dress to go under  it.

There was that achingly cool Mimos  batwing dress with the skull print which will be fine provided the weather is unremittingly warm and it doesn’t need anything on top of it, because I don’t own a jacket or cardigan that goes over such a weird shape.  But this is Britain, so how likely is it that I WON’T need to wear something on top?

Then there were the random tops – the stripey one, the fuchsia one and a black one – all of which are a bit meh… they don’t really ramp up the glamour on anything I own, so they need a fabulous skirt or a great jacket. What am I talking about – I need SEVERAL fabulous skirts or dresses, which is uneconomic and impractical and, frankly stupid, throwing good money after bad.

So my quest is to find the single piece – a jacket, perhaps –  that will magically make all the disparate pieces work… Yup, I know, impossible, but I am starting the hunt on SoSensational… I’ll let you know how it goes


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One Response to My spring wardrobe is a worse match than Katie Price and her husbands

  1. Katie Rose says:

    Suggest that you donate any age innapropriate items to your daughter who will be more than willing to take them off your hands 🙂

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