SoSensational was founded by fashion and beauty journalist Jan Shure and leading personal brand and image consultant Cyndy Lessing. Their passion is to help women to look fabulous and feel confident.

Jan ShureJan has been writing about fashion, beauty and women’s interest issues throughout a 35-year career, and in 1982 wrote Girl: a Complete Guide to Looking and Feeling Good, a best-selling fashion and beauty book for those at the other end of the age spectrum. Jan has always written about fashion in a way that explains trends and makes them accessible, helping readers to ignore the unwearable and avoid being fashion victims or frumps. She is an award-winning magazine editor and a regular on TV and radio.
Cyndy Lessing
Cyndy switched from a business career as an insurance broker to image consultancy a decade ago. An instant success, she achieved Master Status of the City and Guilds and the Federation of Image Consultants in May 2008 – one of only 35 in the UK. Corporate clients seeking her expertise include Deloitte’s Women in Technology Network; Reuters PA Network; The Centre for Strategy & Communication and Birmingham City University.

While the long-time friends approached the creation of SoSensational from different perspectives, they both really get how difficult it can be for grown-up women to find clothes that make them look and feel fabulous. Both of them are passionate about helping all women to look amazing.

Jan and Cyndy constantly trawl the fashion world to hand pick the most fabulous and on-trend clothing and accessories to sell on SoSensational. You can also buy all your beauty products and find the most up-to-date beauty advice, insider tips and competitions.

And take a look at the SoSensational blog, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages and sign up to our free newsletter to keep up with what’s new on the site.

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4 Responses to About

  1. brenda chamberlain says:

    What a brilliant idea this site is. Tried Saga but full of doddering idiots talking about their cats all the time. I have just very recently retired from owning a bridal shop for the last 20 years so fashion is in my blood! I am 63 and still a size 10 (just) ha ha. I love clothes and sometimes have to remember that although there are plenty of things that I like that fit me just fine, they are not “age appropriate”, oops! Will watch this space with great interest.

    It certainly feels very strange not having to go to work in the mornings. Good, but odd and did wonder whether to write a blog about how I get on adjusting – might be interesting?

    • It’s very pleasing to know that you like the site. We love working on it! We recognised ages ago that there was a lack of good shops for our demographic and wanted to change that. We wanted to show that there are clothes out there for us but that it took too much time, not to mention sore feet, to track pieces down in a high street catering for the under 30s. So 60&Sensational, an online fashion showcase, was born. We know that there are thousands of women who, like us, are not prepared to sit back and let life pass them by – who are feisty, fab women who are capable, knowledgable and want to continue looking sensational. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Judith MacBeth says:

    Hi – Happy New Year to you all!
    Now all the festivities are over, I’m on the case in search of what to wear for our son’s wedding in August. Apart from alterations I’m doing to the bride’s & bridesmaids’ dresses, there are ideas whizzing around for what I’d like. Your latest newsletter contains much interesting info, so have been researching these avidly. As an ex 60’s fashion design student, I want comfort, colour & appropriate shape which reflects my personality, so once on, I can forget about it & enjoy the day. Shoes are a weakness, nothing ‘classic’ such as platforms, pointed toed 5″ courts with bows/peep toes – BORING!

  3. We’d be happy to help in a month’s time when the spring and summer collections are in the shops so will contact you again then.
    So glad you want to wear colour!
    All the best
    Cyndy and Jan

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